Our wings are on point!


We’re happy to serve you at Wings Point where we make it a Point to make our Wings excactly on Point! Whethar you’re looking for the perfectly fried  chicken wing tossed in the flavor of your choice, crunchy golden brown strips, a fresh chicken salad or something special to try like our chicken lollipops, you’ve come to the right place! In Wings Point we prepare everything fresh in the house from our Home Made Fries to our Delicious Sauces all is carefully prepared to tingle your taste buds with Joy!


Expect the Best

At WingsPoint we make sure to source only top quality  products from the best suppliers in the market. Everything is freshly prepared in our kitchen from the chicken to the sauces. Come and enjoy a wide variety of suaces, from Sweet, Salty, Mild, to SUPER Spicy not for the faint-hearted. We serve a variety of sides all prepered in our kitchen from Home made fries, salads to dessert! Come and Enjoy quality food for afordable prices!


Only For Foodies

At WingsPoint we are proud to present a team of professional cooks and staff. We will warmly welcome you with a smile, and make sure that you leave more than satisfied. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us, our team is happy to help.


Klaudie Valíčková

Nemůžu dat jinak než 5 hvězd. Volala jsem ohledně rezervace a personál byl moc milý. Restaurace je teda menší ale stojí za to. Jidlo bylo výborné. Slecnam bude stačit bohatě 5 kousku. Dneska i hodinu do zaviracky nemůžu nic než vynachválit 🙂 díky moc za gurmansky zážitek

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